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The fire of Babylon (BG)
He comes when to this no one is not ready
Old-fashioned polite, as in the films of the thirties
To seek him senselessly, like a needle in a haystack
We have with him the one unfinished business on the east coast
He smiles when in his presence they say: "we"
Like and I, he belongs to the children of northern darkness,
But he is less of everything like a defenseless leaf in the wind
He says: "Going to bed, never know -
Where will discover myself in the morning"
To know the taste of water need to start drinking
But you got used to the labyrinth, forgot what for to you thread
You come to the goal to take the corner
And Babylon plays football your head
They recount that he has not one life, and three
They recount that he is perfectly empty inside
No one had seen that he would have answered blow for blow
He strongly has changed ever since turned and gone away under radar
And you are recorded in GPS, now run – no run
Black birds will be to narrow over you circles
On the radio will be singing that love is ring
The fire of the stoves of Babylon singes your face
Many hope that he has departed from affairs
That he sold oneself, became a drunkard and became scanty
That he burnt down or fell through under the ice
But the wrong bees continue
Doing their the wrong honey
And so there remains only the pure water
And fastening you wires
It remains that, on what the machine gives malfunction
And Babylon… Babylon…
Babylon is not imperious over you…
Babylon has never been imperious over you

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