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Flowers of Yoshiwara (BG)
I'm named in honour of flowers of Yoshiwara.
I was born in Valentine's day.
I have an order, he inside of my skin,
And I laugh as and all, stumbling over this shadow.
I have a house, in which for me is cramped,
I have a mouth, which sings someone else,
And when I sleep - my reflection
Walks instead of me with uncircumcised heart
And with a third crystal leg.
I was at the bottom – but all the water gone out.
I went into the shadows – yeah I was quite bad.
I asked to drink – and I was given the cup,
And I was nailed to the cross – but their nails were the rubbish.
And now I'm here – and I'm under current,
Seven thousand volts – oh, comrade, don't touch wires.
I'm father and son, we are with you one and the same,
I would have explained all – but I don't know true words.
I'm named in honour of flowers of Yoshiwara.
I was born, born in Valentine's day.
I'm enclosed like a beast in prison of this skin,
But I laugh, when I stumble over this shadow.

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