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Suvlehim Takats (BG)
His name was Suvlehim Takats,
And he served as a postal snake.
Women carried their bodies like knives,
When he walked home from service;
And one night he was tired look down,
And raised his eyes into the vault of heaven;
And he said, "I don't know what such the sins are,
But me it's stuffy here – it's time introduce a sailing fleet!"
They lived in a half-dark izba,
In which there was nothing to guard;
They watched over development of legends,
Just opening the door to an oven;
And each time, when the king been right,
And the night was coming to them wade,
Queen was saying, "Throw else firewood,
And I love you, and to us goes a sailing fleet!"
So, do what you want to do,
Sing what you want sing.
Sing me something that more than fame,
And something that more than death;
And maybe then the door will open,
And the stars will slow down their move,
And we'll stand on the pier together,
Holding hands and looking at a sailing fleet.

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